Welcome to Gordon's Footwear Ltd

Specialist Shoemakers since 1975
Hand Made Orthopaedic, Bespoke, and Custom Footwear

We have over 40 years of experience of making all types of footwear for men, women, children and infants. We are specialists in making footwear to specific requirements for people with a wide range of foot problems and for people requiring something unique. If you have specific needs related to footwear and have been unable to find suitable footwear from the mass-produced variety then we can help.

All Gordon’s footwear is made in our West Auckland New Zealand premises with materials sourced from local (NZ) suppliers. We pay great attention to detail, producing quality, robust footwear with good looks and most importantly comfort, fit and function.

• Accident / Post Surgery
• Orthopaedic Footwear
• Bespoke / Custom Footwear
• Dance
• Fashion
• Film / Theatre
• Footwear modifications

Individual and Personal Service

As specialist shoemakers we are able to provide a very personal service where you can have input in regards to the type of footwear that you want/need to have made. We will then help you to decide on the most appropriate footwear for your specific wants and needs. All of our Bespoke/Orthopaedic Footwear is designed and ‘made to measure ‘specifically for you and your needs. The end result, top quality, long lasting footwear, providing unsurpassed comfort, fit and function.
Or we can provide you with ready made ‘off the shelf footwear’ suitable for a vast variety of orthopaedic, diabetic and arthritic conditions.
We also specialise in Footwear Modifications (see Footwear Modifications). We can modify footwear you provide to us, or we can provide ‘ off the shelf footwear’ that we can modify to your orthopaedic needs.

Accident / Post Surgery

High level supportive footwear (medical grade) incorporating orthopaedic corrections / support and or adjustable allowance for oedema often associated post surgery. This footwear is designed and made specifically for you so as to give you maximum support during your rehabilitation process allowing you to return back to a normal lifestyle (Work and Leisure) sooner, while reducing the risk of aggravating the injury during the recovery process. This footwear will continue to provide ongoing support and gait correction that you require long after the initial recovery process.

Orthopaedic Footwear

If you have a medical condition which leaves you with footwear problems then we can help. Having footwear made specifically for you and your condition can greatly assist you and your quality of life. We also stock a range of 'off the shelf ' footwear suitable for a range of arthritic and diabetic disorders. We also manufacture a range of childrens / infants surgical boots suitable for a range of conditions from spina bifida, club foot and cerebral palsy.

Extra Depth

Footwear with extra depth allowance allowing for any customised or off the shelf orthotic, incorporating medial extended heel counters and steel shank / fibre board insoles for added support.

Arthritic / Diabetic

10mm Extra Depth footwear with a wide range of adjustment to accommodate a range of Arthritic and Diabetic disorders. This footwear incorporates genuine VELCRO® brand hook and loop fastening, providing a secure fit once adjusted to your feet. The footwear is very easy to put on and take off due to the upper construction.

Bespoke / Custom

If you have trouble finding footwear to fit from the mass produced variety or you are looking for something unique just for you then we can help. We have made a large variety of footwear for all ages and genders.

Film / Theatre

We can design and make footwear for your production. If you have designs that you need, we can work with you to make the footwear that you require.

Footwear Modifications

We are able to modify your existing footwear so that they provide the fit, support and gait correction that you require.